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Everett, WA Criminal Defense for negligent driving.

Washington criminal, DUI, and traffic laws are some of the most punishing in the country, and many people find it difficult to grasp their meaning. Everett negligent driving cases are especially taxing, because there are two varieties of the offense, each with its own penalties and punishments. But make no mistake, both offenses should be treated seriously and handled expeditiously.

First degree and second degree.

According to Washington law, first degree negligent driving is the most serious of the two, and is undeniably the most damaging if you’re convicted. Your blood alcohol level may be below the legal limit when tested by a police officer after being pulled over, but you can still be charged for first degree Everett negligent driving. A conviction will likely have lasting repercussions, incurring penalties that include costly fines. It is also likely that the insurance premiums for your vehicle will skyrocket.

What all of this means is that you can be charged with Everett negligent driving in the first degree without being intoxicated or physically impaired in any way. Obviously, whenever you’re charged with negligent driving you need to make sure your rights are protected, so you should familiarize yourself with the law and start developing an aggressive defense.

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Talk to one of our Everett negligent driving attorneys about the details of your case. Negligent driving charges are often based solely on the discretion of one police officer, and it’s entirely possible that they made an error in judgment.

Second degree negligent driving is not a criminal offense, but it is one of the most serious Everett traffic infractions that a driver can face. If a police officer is of the opinion that you are driving in a way that endangers people or property, you may be cited for second degree negligent driving in Everett. This is the kind of thing that often leads to a dramatic increase in auto insurance rates.

Many of our clients are eager to maintain a clean driving record, and for those with tickets on their record this becomes even more important. If this applies to you, then you should talk to one of our Everett negligent driving lawyers today and discover whether it’s possible and/or advantageous to fight your ticket.

Our Everett negligent driving attorneys can help you understand the law.

Perhaps you feel like you were cited for negligent driving in Everett without merit. Maybe you would like to mitigate the penalties associated with the offense. Either way, you need to understand Washington law and how it applies to your circumstances.

In Washington State, negligent driving is charged at the discretion of a police officer, which means that you may have an avenue of defense that allows you to resolve your case quickly. How your case is resolved will often depend upon information in the police report, but when you weigh the costs of a conviction it becomes obvious why professional representation makes sense.

For decades, our team of Everett negligent driving lawyers have defended drivers from every variety of negligent driving charge in Washington State. We will put our knowledge of Washington State law, and our experience with the court, to work for you.

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Have you been charged with negligent driving? Before making any decisions, you should talk to a professional attorney who will answer your questions without risk or obligation. Our Everett negligent driving attorneys would like to offer you a free case evaluation. This consultation offer is designed to provide you with facts based on the law, so that you can make an informed decision that may likely affect you for years to come.

If you decide to retain one of our Everett negligent driving lawyers, they will do everything legally possible to minimize the damage that a conviction can cause.

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