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If you’ve recently experienced an Everett, WA DUI arrest, you probably want to know what’s next and have similar questions to:

  • How will my DUI arrest affect my Washington State driver’s license?
  • What happens to my driving privileges after a DUI arrest?

One of the first questions that many of our DUI clients ask us is what happens to their driving privileges after they are arrested for drunk driving in Washington State. The answer is that it depends on several critical variables. The first is whether or not this is your first offense within the last seven years. The second is whether or not you are actually convicted of DUI in your criminal case.

Everett, WA criminal defense and what you need to know.

Here’s what you need to understand about your driving privileges after a Washington State DUI arrest. If you took a breath test and the result was above .08, or if you refused the breath test, you are really facing two separate prosecutions. The first is in one of the Snohomish County criminal courts. You are typically notified of this court date by mail. Your initial court appearance is for your arraignment.

The second “prosecution” is the Washington State department of licensing. Now, we refer to this as a second “prosecution”. But, in reality, it’s an administrative procedure to determine if your license or driving privileges will be suspended by the department of licensing pursuant to Washington State’s implied consent law.

Washington department of licensing hearing and the fate of your driver’s license.

Being arrested for an Everett drunk driving crime can make you feel like you want to cut yourself off from the world, but Washington State requires that you take quick action to deal with the situation. You have less than three weeks to request a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (Washington DOL) where the fate of your driving privileges will be decided.

Snohomish County drunk driving and your first step.

If you want to stay validly licensed, you need to be prepared for your Washington State DOL hearing. The first step is understanding the charges against you because every suspension can vary, depending on the variety of WA drunk driving crime for which you are charged.

If your driver’s license is suspended after being convicted of an Everett DUI, you will not be able to drive any vehicle for the term of the suspension. Eventually, your driver’s license will be reinstated, but you will then have to obtain high risk (SR-22) auto insurance and keep it for three years. This kind of insurance is far more expensive than normal auto insurance.

You have only 7 days from the time of your Everett DUI arrest to request a Washington DOL hearing. Retaining your driving privileges will only be possible if you act fast and don’t miss this important date.

You likely use your vehicle for daily activities like going to work, running errands, or taking your kids to and from school. If your driver’s license is suspended, regardless of the duration, a heavy burden will fall on your entire family, as everyone else will have to pick up the slack. Losing your license could even cost you your job, if you can’t get to work or if driving is part of your responsibilities.

Don’t let the emotional strain you’re feeling right now immobilize you – start preparing for your Washington department of licensing hearing so that you have the best defense possible when you appear. Indeed, there is no time to waste, so contact one of our Everett DUI attorneys today so that they can help you clear the first hurdle after a DUI arrest – your Washington department of licensing hearing.

Preparing for your Washington State DOL hearing starts with you.

Our Everett DUI lawyers need time to construct a defense before your Washington DOL hearing. During their investigation of your case, our team of legal professionals will look for errors in the police reports pertaining to your arrest. The goal of which is to have your Everett DUI charges dismissed or reduced, or at least minimize the penalties.

Almost all of our Everett clients want to keep their driver’s license, so our focus will be centered on your Washington DOL hearing from day one.

Preparation for your Washington State DOL hearing also lays the groundwork for the criminal portion of your case, which is essentially a head start on this complex process. When your court date arrives your defense strategy will be ready, and your attorney will ensure that your side of the story gets told.

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Being arrested for an Everett drunk driving crime will leave you worried, confused, and full of doubt. Your Washington DOL hearing deadline will be here before you know it, so contact us right now for a free case evaluation.

You can gather answers to your most urgent questions, without spending a dime, by taking advantage of our free consultation offer. When it’s over you can choose whether to retain one of our legal professionals, or seek help elsewhere. If you decide to work with our law firm we will start investigating your Everett DUI case immediately, so that your Washington State DOL defense is ready when date for your hearing is arranged.

Your driving privileges are important, so don’t take any chances. Contact one of our experienced Everett DUI attorneys today, and they will do everything legally possible to keep you validly licensed to drive.

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