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We know what you are going through right now. It’s a nightmare. The charges must be taken seriously because the ramifications will have a far reaching affect on your life. Our Everett DWI/DUI lawyers are here to help you understand that you are going to be able to get back and move on with your life.

Nobody leaves home for a night of fun with the intention of getting a DUI. We understand. An Everett drunk driving criminal arrest and charge can happen to absolutely anyone. What people seldom realize is that if you’re arrested for DUI, you actually face two separate prosecutions. Our Everett DUI lawyers can help you through this difficult process, and make sure your rights are being protected.

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Arrested for drunk driving? Our aggressive criminal defense lawyers can help.

Washington State is known for having some of the harshest and most severe penalties for drunk driving offense. Our Snohomish County DUI lawyers are here to help you understand your legal rights and to assist you at every stage of this complicated process. You need to understand that a DUI arrest is NOT a conviction and that you have very important legal rights.

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These legal rights will not activate on their own. You need an experienced DUI attorney in your corner who not only understands Washington State’s DUI laws, but who is also familiar with the policies, procedures and prosecutors in all of the Everett District Courts and the Everett Municipal Court. We handle all Snohomish County DUI cases and provide flexible payment plans to our clients when they need it most.

Our Everett DUI lawyers understand what you’re going through.

If you were recently arrested for drunk driving in Everett, you probably feel as though you just got run over. One need only turn on the nightly news to see the renewed emphasis statewide on DUI and other criminal driving matters. Even if this is the first time that you have ever had any contact with law enforcement, you will be treated like a common criminal.

We handle DUI cases in every Snohomish County court. If you are looking for information about any of these courts or need their contact information, you can use the links below to find the information that you need.

If you supplied a blood or breath sample that showed your blood-alcohol level was .08 or higher, or you refused the test, then you will first have to deal with the Washington department of licensing. Because they will attempt to suspend your driver’s license for a minimum of 90 days, or up to a year if this is your first offense, it’s important to have qualified Everett DUI attorneys working to protect your driving privileges. If this is not your first DUI in the last seven years, you could be looking at a multi-year revocation.

But you must act quickly. Your time to request a DOL hearing is extremely limited. One of our Everett DUI attorneys can explain the entire DOL hearing process when you call. But it is absolutely critical that your properly and timely request a hearing. Otherwise, your license will almost certainly be suspended.

Again, this final point regarding a potential department of licensing suspension cannot be overemphasized. If you have been arrested for DUI in Snohomish County, and you either submitted to a breath test or a blood test that yielded a result of .08 or higher, or if you refused a breath or blood test after being lawfully requested to submit to one, you are also subject to a mandatory license suspension through the Washington State department of licensing under Washington “implied consent” law. Washington State’s “implied consent” law is discussed and detailed on our DOL page.

Skilled and aggressive Snohomish County DUI attorneys in your corner.

Our Snohomish County DUI attorneys are dedicated professionals who are results oriented and driven to successfully resolve your drunk driving case.

At the Newcombe Law Offices, our Everett drunk attorneys understand what you are going through if you are facing a DUI/DWI charge. If you are convicted of an Everett DUI, you will face harsh and severe punishments that include prison time, heavy fines, restricted travel, and other harsh consequences that can affect the quality of your life. With the help of skilled criminal lawyers, you can challenge your DUI charge and possibly avoid some of the harsh consequences that come along with a Washington State drunk driving conviction.

Snohomish County Drunk Driving Attorneys
Our DUI attorneys handle criminal cases in every State and municipal court throughout Snohomish County. We handle all City of Everett Municipal Court drunk driving, Physical Control, Minor DUI, and Marijuana DUI cases. Over the last decade alone, our criminal attorneys have handled over 500 DUI cases throughout Western Washington. Our criminal defense lawyers have decades of combined legal experience and will fight to keep you out of jail and validly licensed to drive. We know the DUI laws of Washington State, and we have handled numerous criminal driving cases in every Snohomish County city court from Edmonds to Arlington.

Here are a few of the Snohomish County cities where we handle DUI cases:

Our Everett drunk driving attorneys have decades of combined criminal defense experience.

Our drunk driving attorneys have decades of combined criminal defense experience. We handle cases throughout the Greater Puget Sound Region and Washington State. Our DUI laws are very complicated. And, more importantly, every DUI case has its own unique facts and circumstances. We literally look for hundreds of potential issues in every police report we review.

Our experience in defending clients accused of DUI is undoubtedly our greatest strength. We know what the prosecutors are looking at and relying upon when they are evaluating your case. We understand the intricate details of Washington State drunk driving law and will work closely with you to build the strongest possible against the charges brought against you. Whether you failed a field sobriety or breathalyzer test, or you feel the police office had no legal reason to stop you, our Everett DUI attorneys can help. We are skilled and aggressive lawyers who can pinpoint certain technicalities in the police report that can help your case.

The Everett DUI lawyers from our team are dedicated to serving you and helping you achieve the desired outcome of your case. While we can’t guarantee that we will dismiss your case, we can guarantee that we will aggressively fight to protect your legal rights. We will aggressively fight to help the prosecutors understand what really happened the night of your Everett DUI/DWI arrest.

Why hire an Everett DUI lawyer from our team?

When you choose to work with our Everett DUI attorneys, we can evaluate your case and provide you with recommendations on how you should handle your Everett DUI/DWI charge. We understand how emotional and stressful it can be for you and your family to be filled with uncertainty. That’s why we are in your corner every step of the way. We are here to let you know a DUI charge is not a conviction, and you have legal rights. With the help of a skilled Everett DUI attorney from our team, you can rest assured that we will help you every way we can.

What happens when I have to go to court? What can an Everett driving under the influence attorney do for me?

The second part of the DUI prosecution process starts with your arraignment. This is your first hearing with the Washington Court, and it’s important to start building your DUI defense from day one. Our experienced Everett DUI lawyers start building a defense before the arraignment, and preparedness is a key element of an aggressive defense strategy.

The next hearing with the Everett court is your pre-trial hearing. One of our Everett DUI/DWI attorneys will be there with you at your arraignment. Two things can happen here; you can either accept a plea negotiation for your DUI, or you can set a future date if you choose to go to trial. If you decide to go to trial a suppression hearing follows, giving your Everett drunk driving attorneys a chance to suppress various pieces of evidence if necessary. Often, DUI cases are resolved after the suppression hearing because your Everett DUI attorneys are working hard to resolve your case.

If your DUI case cannot be resolved following the suppression hearing then your next step is trial in court. Your trial will almost always include a jury of six peers, chosen from the community in which you were charged with your DUI. One thing is certain, at trial the prosecutor is going to do everything in their power to get a DUI conviction. Our Everett drunk driving lawyers will aggressively fight on your behalf, acting as an advocate for your character, and making sure your side of the story is told.

Most importantly, our Everett DUI lawyers understand what constitutes a legally based defense, and this is the only kind of DUI defense that has a chance of succeeding in court. If the jury decides you’re not guilty, then your Everett DUI ordeal is finally over.

However, if you are found guilty of DUI, then the Everett court will impose a sentence. The court is free to sentence you to the maximum penalty allowed by law, which is up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. If you’ve been charged with a DUI then it’s vital you do everything you can to minimize the penalties that you face.

Our DUI attorneys defend hundreds of hard working people every year, and will be at your side throughout the entire court and Washington State department of licensing process.

Get help and useful information from an Everett DWI/DUI lawyer today!

The first step is always the hardest. But it’s also the most important. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, we understand what you’re going through. The embarrassment of being arrested and processed for DUI is bad enough, but when you consider the long process ahead of you it can feel like the world is closing in around you. One thing is certain – your DUI problem is not going to go away on its own. The road ahead of you is long, and filled with obstacles that you must overcome.

Our Everett DUI attorneys can help you get back on your feet, and meet those obstacles with determination. If you are going to fight the DUI charges against you then you must attack them with a sound defense strategy. Our Everett DUI lawyers will work with you on an individual basis to make sure everything is being done to protect your legal rights.

Fear of the unknown is crippling, but as you come to understand the process with help from our Everett DUI attorneys, you will begin to feel whole again. The stress of going through the DUI process can take a toll on you, your job, and your Everett family. By addressing the matter promptly you’re not only taking control of the situation, you are also giving your Everett DUI lawyers the time they need to establish a quality DUI defense. This is important. Waiting until the last minute accomplishes nothing, and puts you at a disadvantage.

The time to take the first step is now. From the time of your DUI arrest you only have 7 days to request a hearing with the Department of Licensing. By contacting one of our Everett drunk driving attorneys promptly, you ensure that you will have sound footing with every subsequent step you take. Talk to an experienced Snohomish County DUI attorney today. A DUI arrest is just that, an arrest. It is NOT a conviction. We can help.

Taking the next steps to minimize the consequences of your DUI.

Our Snohomish County DUI lawyers know the drunk driving laws of Washington State. And, we are very familiar with the county and city prosecutors who will be handling your Everett drunk driving case. An aggressive DUI defense strategy starts before your DOL hearing, and it is refined as you approach your arraignment.

There are many steps that a person charged with DUI must take to reach the finish line, but with help from our Everett DUI lawyers the challenges are easier to overcome. No honest and reputable Everett or Snohomish County DUI lawyer can ever make any type of guarantee regarding your drunk driving case, especially without seeing the police reports.

Our only promise is that we will do absolutely everything legally possible to get your DUI charge dismissed or reduced. If that’s not possible, we will not hesitate to set your case for trial

The ultimate goal is to minimize the DUI penalties you face, and work to keep you validly licensed. Our Everett DUI lawyers will review the details of your case, making sure that proper procedure was followed by the arresting officer. Did he have probable cause to pull you over in the first place? Was the breathalyzer properly maintained and were the maintenance records in order?

Answering these questions is only a small part of building a strong DUI defense strategy. Our Everett DUI attorneys believe that every case can be attacked on some level, depending on the police reports and a variety of other factors. No matter what, our Everett DUI lawyers will be with you every step of the way – at your arraignment and at all subsequent hearings until your case is resolved.

If you retain one of our Everett DUI lawyers, you will have the assurance that your case is being handled by an experienced DUI law professional, and someone who will ensure your legal rights are being protected.

Reaching the finish line.

No two Everett DUI cases are ever the same, but the steps one must take to see it through to its conclusion are always similar. After one of our Everett DUI attorneys represents you at your DOL hearing, you might be surprised how quickly the rest of the process proceeds. What most people want more than anything is to put the entire DUI experience behind them as quickly as possible. Our Everett DUI lawyers understand what’s at stake for you and your family, and we don’t let up until your case is resolved.

Retaining one of our Everett drunk driving attorneys starts with a free DUI case evaluation. This is a risk-free way for you to ascertain the facts about your DUI case and ask us any questions you have. Then you are free to decide for yourself what the best course of action is for you and your Everett family. Once you’ve taken the first step the finish line might still be blurry, but it’s starting to come into focus. As resolution of your DUI case draws nearer you will have the answers you need to get on with your life.

If you choose to retain one of our Everett drunk driving lawyers, you will most likely be surprised how affordable professional DUI representation can be. We are also more than willing to work out a payment plan that suits your budget.

It might not seem like it now, but the finish line is closer than you think. Contact us today and decide what path you should take to resolve your DUI charge.

Here is a brief rundown of how your case will proceed after you have been arrested for drunk driving in Snohomish County.

Snohomish County DUI Arrest
What happens after my Everett or Snohomish County DUI arrest?

The first thing that you need to understand is that when you have been arrested for DUI here in Washington State, you are really facing two separate prosecutions. The first case is with the Washington State Department of Licensing. If you either provided a breath or a blood sample that was above .08, or you refused to submit to a breath or blood test at the station or hospital, the Washington State Department of Licensing will attempt to suspend your license for a minimum 90 to 365 days.

If this is your first offense, the suspension will be for 90 days if your test was above the .08 legal limit, and for 365 days if you refused to submit to a test altogether. If this was your second DUI arrest within the last seven years, the potential mandatory suspension period increases dramatically.

1. Washington State Department of Motor Vehicle Hearing:

To preserve your right to drive in Washington, you must request a hearing with the Washington State Department of Licensing within 7 days after your DUI arrest. One of our Snohomish county DUI attorneys will be happy to discuss the requirements of this request and of your DOL hearing when you call.

Having to file this request is often a complete shock to many of our clients who tell us that the arresting officer never told them of such a requirement. Unfortunately, the arresting officer is not required to do so by law. Instead, he or she is only required to provide you with the hearing request form, which should have been give to you after you were booked and released.

If you had a valid license when you were stopped, your driving privileges are NOT automatically revoked as a result of your arrest. Typically, the officer also does not confiscate your otherwise valid Washington state driver’s license simply as a result of your DUI arrest. Instead, the officer punches a hole through it. But it is absolutely imperative that you make a timely request for a hearing and challenge the underlying suspension pursuant to your Washington DUI arrest. If you do not request a hearing under the “Implied Consent” law, your license will be suspended.

If you lose at the hearing, you license will be suspended for minimum of 90 days once a final written order is issued. Depending on the specific facts of your case, you may be eligible for an “IID” license or Interlock Ignition Device license. If you have questions about this kind of license, you should call and speak with one of our Snohomish County DUI attorneys at your earliest convenience.

2. Arraignment:

The second prosecution that you face after your DUI arrest is in the Snohomish County criminal court system. Where you are ultimately ordered to appear will depend in large part on where you were arrested and by which Washington law enforcement agency effectuated your arrest. For example, if you were arrested by Washington State Patrol or a Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff, you will most likely be ordered to appear in one of Snohomish County’s District Courts in either Everett, Lynnwood or Arlington. If, however, you were arrested by Marysville Municipal Police, you will be ordered to appear in Marysville Municipal Court.

The criminal process for actually fighting your Washington DUI begins at this first hearing, which is called an arraignment. This date is sometimes found on ticket issued to you by the arresting officer. Often, however, the matter is simply under “investigation” following your arrest.

If your Snohomish County DUI remains under investigation after your arrest, you will be mailed a notice to appear for your arraignment. Your presence at the arraignment here in Snohomish County is mandatory. Unlike many other types of misdemeanor crimes, a Snohomish County drunk driving arraignment cannot be waived by your attorney. One of Snohomish County DUI attorneys will be happy to explain what will happen at your arraignment in more detail when you call.

As a practical matter, however, unless this is your second offense, most Snohomish County DUI arraignments are pretty straightforward. The most significant thing that happens is that a “not guilty” plea is entered on your behalf and the matter is set for a pretrial. The significant thing that happens at your arraignment is that the judge will impose various “release conditions” pending your next hearing.

As a practical matter, however, the primary function of your arraignment is to advise you of your rights. Any experienced Snohomish County DUI attorney should be able to tell you what to expect, and what conditions a particular court or judge might impose.

3. Pre-trial Hearing

After your arraignment, the matter will be set for a Pre-trial Hearing. At the Pre-trial Hearing, your case will either be resolved through plea negotiations or it will be set for trial. Our Snohomish County DUI lawyers have handled hundreds of Washington DUI cases over the years. We have the resources and experience to ensure that case is handled the right way from day one.

The simple truth is that there is no way to predict how your case will turn out and whether it will be resolved at your pre-trial hearing until your police reports are reviewed by an experienced Snohomish county DUI attorney.

4. Suppression Hearing (“Motions Date”):

If your DUI case is NOT resolved at your pre-trial hearing, it will be put on a trial track. Prior to your actual trial, however, a “motions date” will be set. The motions date is a suppression hearing. At this hearing, your attorney will have filed specific motions to suppress various pieces of evidence.

After hearing testimony and argument regarding Washington’s DUI laws, the court may suppress some or all of the evidence against you if your constitutional or statutory rights have been violated. Typically, your suppression hearing occurs anywhere from two to six weeks prior to your actual trial. Many Everett and Snohomish county DUI cases are resolved after this hearing but prior to trial.

Our Snohomish County DUI lawyers will do everything legally possible to successfully resolve your DUI case prior to going to trial If necessary, however, we will not hesitate to set your case for trial if the prosecutor is being unreasonable.

5. Trial:

In the event that your case is not resolved following your suppression hearing, it will be set for trial. Snohomish County DUI trials are almost always a trial to a jury of six “peers” drawn from the local community in which you are charged. Trial must be held within 90 days after your arraignment if you are out of custody or within 30 days after your arraignment if you are in custody, unless you specifically agree to waive these rights.

6. Sentencing:

In the event that you either plead guilty or are found guilty at trial, the court will impose a sentence. As detailed on our page regarding Washington DUI laws, the court is bound to sentence you to the mandatory minimums based on Washington’s DUI statutes. But, these are only the mandatory minimums. The court is free to sentence you up the maximum penalty allowed under Washington State law, which is 365 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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When it comes to facing a serious Everett DUI/DWI charge, you need an aggressive Everett drunk driving attorney who truly cares about you and your goals. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation to hear what really happened the night of you DUI arrest.

Call us now to learn how our Everett DUI attorneys can help you fight to reduce or dismiss your DUI case. We offer low flat fees and affordable payment plans. Talk to an Everett DWI/DUI attorney today and receive the experienced Washington State DUI defense help you deserve.

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