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Failing to stop after an automobile accident in Washington is a serious crime with potentially devastating consequences that can haunt you for the rest of your life. If you are involved in an accident, you are required to exchange information and render aid to any injured parties, whether a person or property is involved. Being convicted of a hit and run crime in Everett will set in motion severe penalties that can have a devastating effect on your life, not to mention the people you love most.

In Washington State, a hit and run can be either a felony or misdemeanor offense. Leaving the scene of a crash where an unattended vehicle is damaged will likely incur a misdemeanor hit and run charge. If you flee an accident where an injury was involved, then you will likely be charged with a class C felony. A class C felony conviction could lead to up to five years in prison and fines totaling $10,000, and if another person was killed, you could be facing a $20,000 fine and up to ten years behind bars.

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Obviously, the stakes couldn’t be higher, and it underscores how important it is to take hit and run charges very seriously. Get more facts about the law before taking any action, by contacting one of our qualified Everett hit and run lawyers for a private consultation.

Why would contacting one of our Everett hit and run lawyers be the first thing you should do? Minimizing the penalties you’re facing in whatever way possible should be high on your agenda, but you must also make sure your rights are protected according to the law. Contacting an attorney quickly will allow you to keep your focus on resolving your case with a reasonable end-goal in mind, so that you and your family can move forward with your lives.

Resolving your case hinges on decisive action when it matters most – and that time is now. Talk to one of our legal professionals as soon as you can and let them answer your most pressing questions, so that they can start investigating your case in order to build an aggressive defense.

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Hit and run accidents happen in Washington State with surprising frequency, under many different circumstances, and for many different reasons. There have been times when a driver has been involved in an accident and left the scene, unaware that they didn’t follow correct legal guidelines. If this scenario applies to you, then retaining legal counsel before approaching the authorities would be wise.

Another possible scenario involves a driver who was involved in an accident, and the unexpected rush of adrenaline caused by the stress of the situation made them panic and leave the scene. When their head eventually clears and they realize the severity of the situation, they recognize the need to turn themselves into the police. While this is undoubtedly necessary, before taking any action it still makes sense to talk to our qualified Everett hit and run attorneys. Only in this way will you be sure that your rights are being protected according to Washington law.

Every traffic accident is a scene of great confusion and chaos, whether you are directly involved or not. Identifying the guilty party in a hit and run case can be difficult, if not impossible, and it could cause a driver to be falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit because of faulty eyewitness testimony.

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Don’t get caught unprepared. Contact one of our Everett hit and run lawyers today for a cost-free, confidential consultation, so that you can get on with your life. Our team of skilled litigators will do everything legally possible to aggressively defend your legal interests and tell your side of the story, while seeking to minimize the penalties associated with a felony or misdemeanor hit and run charge.

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Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact  a drunk driving lawyer.

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Hit and Run is a serious criminal driving offense. Our Everett traffic attorneys can help. Talk to a Snohomish County criminal defense lawyer today!