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What if I have been drinking and get pulled over?

If you have been drinking and are pulled over by Everett or Snohomish County law enforcement, here are our TEN BASIC RULES OF THE ROAD:

  1.  Always provide law enforcement officers with your license, registration, and proof of insurance. You should also politely identify yourself.
  2. Always tell the officer that you want an attorney.
  3. Never answer any questions or volunteer any information. It is in your best interests to remain as silent as possible.
  4. Never consent to a search of your person, your car, or your residence.
  5. Never agree to take any coordination or “field sobriety tests”. They are not legally required.
  6. Never blow into the error-prone portable breath-test device that officers keep in their cars.
  7. Always be courteous, but firm. You want to force the officer to make a decision about whether to arrest you based on as little information and evidence as possible.
  8. Always tell the officer that you are willing to take a breath test at the station or to give blood. Before submitting to a breath or blood test, however, always demand to speak with an attorney.
  9. Always choose your words carefully and keep in mind that anything you say can be used against you at a future proceeding.
  10. If you have been arrested, repeat your request to speak with an attorney until you are put in contact with one.

Connect with our skilled Snohomish County DUI attorneys if you have been charged with drunk driving. Our decades of experience and knowledge of Washington State DUI law will be put to dedicated use in working to get your penalties reduced and case dismissed.

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