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Now that you have a better understanding of how much of an impact DUI penalties can have on your life, it’s time to let our Edmonds DUI attorneys do everything they can to mitigate their consequences.

After a DUI arrest, you are required to appear in criminal court, and arrange a separate hearing with the Washington DOL (department of licensing). At your DOL hearing you will be allowed to offer up your defense, after which you will be informed whether you can keep your driving privileges. With only 7 days after your Edmonds DUI arrest to request a DOL hearing, it is vital that you talk to one of our Edmonds DUI lawyers before time runs out. We will need adequate time to thoroughly investigate your case if we are to have the best chance of resolving it.

Our Municipal court criminal defense lawyers understand how to build a resolute defense.

Building a thorough defense takes time and preparation, and there is a great deal of legwork that must be done by our Edmonds DUI attorneys. The police reports and other bits of evidence we collect is what we will present to the court. Obviously, there are advantages when we have more time to work with.

The police reports are one of the first places our Edmonds DUI lawyers will look when they begin working on your case. Within these reports are the details of your arrest, and inconsistencies or factual errors in your report can help our arguments as we negotiate with the prosecutor, or even appear in court. There are situations when the details mentioned in the police reports lead to a case being summarily dismissed by a judge.

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Say you were pulled over without due cause, and this fact is clearly outlined in the police report, we may then have strong evidence to offer the court for consideration. As another example, say the blood-alcohol measuring device used to gauge your level of intoxication was not kept in proper working order – then it may be possible to suppress this evidence at your Edmonds DUI evidentiary hearing. This may also be possible if the records for the device are out of date.

The primary goal, as always, is to minimize your DUI penalties – something our Edmonds DUI attorneys will work tirelessly to achieve. Keeping you licensed and out of jail are top priorities, so we always seek the best methods to defend your interests when faced with a possible Edmonds DUI conviction.

How will I know which Edmonds DUI lawyers to choose?

When it comes to a DUI crime, the stakes can’t get much higher, so your choice of a Washington drunk driving lawyer obviously matters. You need to trust your DUI attorney implicitly, as they will act as an advocate for your character with the prosecutor and judge. Your attorney should always be willing to fight aggressively on your behalf to get you the best end result legally possible. This requires real-world experience, personal dedication, and a compassionate ear.

Our Edmonds DUI attorneys will take a personal interest in your case, and in you. Your situation deserves a customized strategy, because there is no cookie-cutter path that leads to success and your situation is unique. The emotional upheaval that an Edmonds DUI can cause, may leave you feeling depressed, drained, and demoralized, so your lawyer should care about your personal well-being.

Our professional team of Edmonds DUI lawyers have decades of combined experience dealing with drunk driving law, and there is no substitute for this kind of knowledge. Our reputation has been earned over time, through hard work, and cannot be manufactured. Retaining one of our qualified lawyers will allow you to rest easier, knowing that your rights will always be protected in accordance with Washington DUI law.

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Hopefully you now have enough information to take the next step toward resolving your case. Still, you may have questions about your particular Edmonds DUI charges that you would like answered. A free case evaluation with one of our Edmonds DUI attorneys is a risk-free way for you to start getting some honest answers about your Washington DUI today, so there is no reason not to take advantage of our ongoing offer. After your consultation, you can then choose how you would like to handle your DUI case, and who you would like to represent you.

Edmonds, WA drunk driving arrest.

A Snohomish County drunk driving charge is serious. Allow us go to work for you.

At the Newcombe Law Offices, when you retain one of our qualified Edmonds DUI lawyers, they will work protect your interests while keeping you constantly appraised of your options. With little time to prepare BEFORE your DOL hearing, contact our law firm today and begin the process of resolving your Edmonds DUI case.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
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